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FireVolt is to become a customizable multiplayer arena/large map shooter. This game is still in development and currently in alpha. Our goal on making this game is to bring back the joy of playing multiplayer shooters in split-screen, added to that the many options that you see in both older and modern shooters.

The premise of the game is chaotic and fast shooting gameplay were the outcome of a game is not only skill but with added unforeseen situations too. So we plan to add chaos to already established game modes and new ones. For example, a 30+ player vehicle Death Match / Capture the Flag / King of the Hill with bots (if not enough players) with added environmental enemies and hazards. But of course, our idea is to provide a custom experience so this will always be optional.

The FreeRoam mode included in the demo, which will release soon, is the experimental mode that will be used as a base to create many more. This is but a small taste of the mayhem we want to create in a mode with added vehicles, even more enemies, optional objectives to reach the goal score quicker, and environmental enemies in a medium to large map. So, performance is also crucial.


- WASD : movement

- E : activate

- Mouse Right: Fire

- Mouse Left: Secondary Fire

Game Current Features:

- 2-4 split-screen multiplayer

- Full controller support

- 4 Game Modes + Free Roam Mode

- 8+ different weapons with secondary modes

- 2 Maps

- Vehicles, jetpacks, jump pads

Planned Future Features:

- More game modes (Classic + New ones)

- More maps with the option to add community maps

- More weapons (Melee/Throwables/Multi-Missiles/Super weapons)

- AI custom personalities (Vengeful, Judge, Coward, Kamikaze)

- Single player/Co-op challenges

- LAN/Steam Multiplayer

- Vehicle game modes and AI usage

- Stat tracking and a better profile manager

- Custom music player

If you try the game, share with us your thoughts.

StatusIn development
Tagsdeathmatch, FPS, Monsters, vehicles
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the executable.


FireVolt: Alpha Demo -- Google Drive Link

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